Climate Change is real, y’all

I hate to get political, and quite frankly, I’m not sure why this topic is even considered political, but climate change is a real threat. I believe that we will see the hugely impactful effects within our lifetime, within the next decade. I am not worried for us, but for our children.

We have mistreated our planet so it only makes sense that the huge impacts will soon show their terrifying faces. In fact, we are already seeing impacts. This article is a good read on it I also believe that if we start making major changes NOW, we can help soften the blow.

In addition to making personal lifestyle changes like producing less waste, conserving energy, and doing my part to spread awareness, I started this little project to help raise money to go to who is a nonprofit organization who fights to stop the fossil fuel industry.

You too can take part in this fight against climate change by making some lifestyle changes simply by thinking about how our actions impact our home. Our planet. You can also help me raise money by sporting this cools T-shirt I designed to help raise awareness and money!

Help me help our planet by taking part in this life changing fight against climate change!

Happiness comes from above.

I found myself feeling conflicted this morning. Things aren’t always the greatest… attitudes in the morning are never upbeat and chipper where I’m at.. and I internalize this. I blame myself for these people being so unhappy, and mean to me in the morning. “I must have done something to make them upset with me”, “It must be who I am as a person that they are unhappy with.”

Then I suddenly felt this weight lifted…

I felt a sense of peace.. just that quick. And this is the thought that filled my mind, and lifted the confliction all at once..

“I cannot rest my happiness on any human, and they cannot rest their happiness on me.”

I felt all anxiety, all discontent, all hurt and anger towards those that start my day off angrily, it all just fell to the wayside. I know God placed this into my mind and my heart to put me at ease. God knew just what I needed to be reminded of. And even though I (shamefully) wasn’t looking to Him in these moments (OK longer than moments) of despair, I feel that he still answered. He answered my hearts beacon call that I didn’t realize it was putting out.

And that alone is enough to be thankful for. That alone is enough to erase the pain.

Thank you God. You knew I needed that.